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The different districts of Clermont-Ferrand


Clermont-Ferrand is a university town with various universities, including Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA), Université Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand 2), ESC Clermont Business School and ENSA Clermont-Ferrand (National Architecture School).

This means that students can study on several sites, but also find accommodation in different areas. The choice depends on the atmosphere you're looking for, public transport links and local shops. 

Find out about the popular student areas in Clermont-Ferrand, including Clermont's city centre, and make your choice!


Which area of Clermont-Ferrand should you live in as a student?

Find out about these neighbourhoods, and choose the one with the atmosphere and amenities that suit you:

  • The university district includes campuses, libraries, classrooms and other structures for your studies. It's a wise choice for those who want everything at their fingertips.
  • The city centre, offers a wide range of entertainment venues. It's ideal for those who like a break after a day at school and a change of scenery. 
  • Le Brézet, in the south-east of the town, is a quiet residential area with good public transport links. 
  • Champratel is located to the north of Clermont-Ferrand. It offers a mix of student residences and family housing. It's currently undergoing many changes, has a 19-hectare eco-district and is served by the tramway.
  • Les Carmes, in the north-east of the city, is a district with a friendly atmosphere. It was born of a collaboration between the municipality and the Michelin company, with a focus on revegetation. There are local shops, cafés and restaurants.
  • La Pardieu, in the south-east of Clermont-Ferrand, is an area with good transport links. A large number of companies are based here, which is very practical for students on work-linked training or work placements.
  • Saint-Alyre, in the north-west of the town, is a lively and pleasant district.

For the best possible accommodation, head to the student residences in Clermont Centre! This means you can enjoy comfortable accommodation available in a variety of sizes, a range of services, a city-centre location and a great working environment for your university year.

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.