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Frequently Asked Questions

List of supporting documents

  • Copy of student card or school certificate,
  • Copy of an identity card or residence permit
  • RIB (statement of bank details)

For the guarantor(s) (French taxpayer):

  • Copy of an identity card or residence permit
  • Proof of income (copy of the last 3 payslips, or proof of pension payments, or, if you are self-employed, last balance sheet with a Kbis extract (company details)).
  • Last tax return - all pages
  • Last property/council tax bill/rent receipt
  • RIB (statement of bank details)
  • Employer's certificate
  • A multi-risk home insurance certificate is compulsory,  you can take out a policy subscription at reception as soon as the flat number is allocated
  • A cheque for your DEPOSIT and APPLICATION FEE made out to NEMEA Appart 'Etud

Your supporting documents will only be examined by the residences and remain confidential.

Click on the link to go to the reservation page

How do I reserve my accommodation?

Once you have found the residence of your choice, simply click on ‘reserve’ and follow the procedure. Please fill in all mandatory fields and upload the required supporting documents. The manager of your chosen residence will reply to you after reviewing your request.

What is a guarantor?

The guarantor undertakes to pay your rent, utilities and other expenses for you if you fail to pay.

Who can act as a guarantor for me?

A friend or family member, bear in mind that the guarantor must be a French taxpayer.

What if I don't have a "physical" guarantor?

To get a guarantor for your file you can take out a guarantee with VISALE link to visale or Garant Me link to Garant Me.

If I cancel at the last minute, will the application fee be refunded ?

In accordance with the details of the lease, in the event of a last-minute withdrawal (i.e. less than one month before moving in), only the deposit will be returned. The application fee and first rent payment cannot be refunded.

Can I rent a parking space ?

Some residences offer the option of hiring a parking space (indoor or outdoor). To reserve one, you should contact the manager of the residence where you wish to book directly.

Can I book a short stay in a residence ?

Indeed, depending on availability, it is possible to book accommodation for a short period. Please contact the residence of your choice directly. Link to contact form.

What is the duration of the lease ?

The rental contract is a 12-month lease, which can be terminated at any time with one month's notice. Unless you cancel the lease it will automatically renew.

Can I visit a residence to see what it is like ?

Of course, visiting your future home is highly recommended. You can request a viewing by calling the residence or by booking a time slot on our website. Link to schedule a visit.

How long does the viewing last?

Viewing takes about 30 minutes. In addition, our team will be on hand to offer any help you need with the reservation process.

I can't come to visit, what can I do?

You can reserve without visiting.

Can I choose my flat ?

Future tenants are given the freedom to choose a flat from the available stock. Of course, students applying the earliest in advance of the new academic year will be given a much wider choice (size of flat, floor, orientation).

What will I be asked for before I arrive ?

You will need to sign your lease and make the initial payments (application fees, deposit, first monthly rent) before you arrive. You will also need to take out the compulsory home insurance. It will take effect on the day you move in.

What is an inventory of fixtures? What is it for ?

The inventory of fixtures is a document drawn up between the tenant and the residence, which describes the state of the accommodation before and after your stay. This written document is drawn up in two copies (one for the tenant and one for the residence). If any damage is found during your rental period, the residence will have the right to deduct the amount of the repairs from the security deposit you paid before taking up your tenancy.

Can I move to another flat if I don't like it ?

It is possible to change accommodation subject to availability. Please contact the residence manager directly for more information.

What is housing assistance ? (APL)

Housing assistance is a social benefit provided by the CAF. (Family Services) It can help you finance part of the rent. This is calculated on the basis of your income and your family situation. You may be eligible for APL (Aide personnalisée au logement) under certain conditions. Attention, not to be confused with the ALS (Allocation de logement social) for people living in social housing, i.e. managed by the state.

How much housing assistance will I get ?

You can estimate the amount of your housing assistance using a simulator on the CAF website.

When should I apply for housing assistance ?

You apply after signing the lease.

How do I get this housing assistance ?

To obtain housing assistance, you must apply on the website. Fill in the section that applies to you, then send the rent certificate to the residence for completion. Once you have collected these documents, you can send them to the CAF responsible for your place of residence. How long it takes to get a reply depends on the processing time for your CAF.

Who should declare resources for housing assistance ?

It is the tenant who has to declare the resources, not the guarantors.

When can I start receiving housing assistance ?

The housing assistance payments start the month after you move in. For example, if you move in on 19th September, you will receive your allowance at the beginning of October. All CAF allowances are paid in arrears.

Can I get housing assistance even if I choose to share a flat ?

Yes, just as much as in individual rentals. Even in a shared flat you have an individual lease, as you will have your own bathroom and toilet. The amount you receive in housing assistance is based solely on the rent you are charged personally.

Link to CAF website

What do I have to pay for the first month ?

You will be asked to pay:

  • The first month’s rent
  • The security deposit (which will be refunded on departure).
  • Application fees.

When do I have to pay my rent ?

The rent must be paid between the 1st and 5th of each month.

How do I pay my rent ?

Your rent can be paid by:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Direct debit
  • Bank card

What is the application fee ?

The administration fee paid by the tenant before arrival covers the residence's costs in creating and managing the tenant's file throughout their stay. This includes providing a reservation advisor, drafting the lease, a visit to the premises, drafting the inventory of fixtures, as well as an appointment for the handover of keys.
Our fees are simple and their cost complies with the ALUR law, ratified in 2014. The amount also depends on the number of square metres you rent and the city where you are renting.

What is the security deposit? How much is it ?

The security deposit is used to cover any failure by the tenant to meet rental obligations (for example, missed rent or utilities payments or carrying out repairs). The deposit must be paid to the landlord when the lease is signed, or within 8 days if signed electronically. The amount of the security deposit is set at one month's rent.

When is the security deposit refunded ?

After the inventory of fixtures, the deposit is reimbursed within one month of your departure if no damage is found or within two months if you are re-billed. Deductions for any costs of restoration, damage, loss or cleaning found may be applied.

Can the security deposit be used to pay the final month’s rent or in case of early departure ?

The security deposit cannot be used as a rent payment under any circumstances.

What does the rent include ?

The rent includes certain charges (hot and cold water, fibre broadband Wi-Fi**, services, common areas, household waste tax, entertainment etc.). For residences covered by the energy package, heating is included.

What charges are not included in the rent ?

Electricity (including heating depending on the residence), home insurance and council tax (depending on the residence) will be charged in addition to the rent.

Does the residence have equipment available to borrow ?

Yes, the residence lends equipment on request: hoovers, ironing boards and irons, board games, barbecues, raclette machines etc. Reserve at reception to ensure the item you want is available when you need it.

La résidence prête-t-elle des équipements ? /UK

Oui la résidence prête des équipements sur demande : aspirateurs, tables et fers à repasser, jeux de société, barbecue, appareils à raclette etc… Pour être sûr de la disponibilité de ces équipements au moment de votre besoin, vous pouvez les réserver auprès de la réception./UK

What services are not included in the rent ?

NEMEA residences offer several à la carte services such as parking spaces, laundry, laundry kit hire, storage space, cleaning services, breakfasts or delivery of a fresh food basket.

How does the internet work ?

We have an efficient Wi-Fi* network in each of our residences, the procedure to follow will be given to you when you move in.

Who do I turn to if I have a problem ?

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the NEMEA APPART ETUD team, who will try to help you as much as possible.

How are the flats equipped ?

See the listing of each residence to find out what flats are equipped with.* link to the residence sheet

Is the bed for one or two people ?

The beds are of different sizes depending on the residence and the type of accommodation. Go to the accommodation page of the residence you are interested in.

How is the kitchenette equipped ?

The kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator with freezer, 2 hobs, a sink, a microwave, and all the necessary crockery for two people (saucepan, frying pan, plates, glasses, cutlery, bowls, strainer, etc.) as well as kitchen utensils. Feel free to request a full list before you move in.

How is the bathroom equipped ?

The bathroom is equipped with a shower, a heated towel rail and a toilet. There is also a washbasin with a storage cupboard underneath and a mirror above.

What bedding is provided on-site ?

We provide the mattress 90, 120 or 140cm wide depending on the flat, a duvet and the pillow. We offer complete bed linen for hire on a one-off basis.

Can I move the furniture in my flat ?

Yes, as long as your flat is returned to its original state when you leave.

In case of breakdown/damage who pays for the repairs ?

If you have any maintenance problems, you should contact reception. Someone will look at the problem as soon as possible. If it is a question of housing maintenance that is due to a fault on our part, this is taken care of. However, if this is due to the tenant's own damage, an estimate will be provided. See decree on recoverable expenses.

What do I need to bring for my move ?

The flat is already fully furnished and equipped. All you have to do is bring your own bed and bath linen and your personal belongings.

Is it possible to rent a flat as a couple?

Yes, some flats can accommodate couples. Ask the residence manager for more information.

Can I invite someone over or have a sleepover?

Tenants are allowed to invite their friends/family, as long as the peace and quiet of others is ensured.

Are the residences secure ?

The entrance to the residence is secured by a badge or magnetic card, which is given to the tenant on arrival. Video surveillance cameras are also installed in the common areas to ensure the safety of the tenants.

Where can I smoke ?

You should not smoke inside your home, especially as it may set off your smoke alarm. Smoking is also strictly prohibited in the common areas of the residence. However, space is provided for this purpose.

Do the residences have car and bicycle parking ?

All residences have free bicycle parking. For car parking, please contact the residence directly to check availability.

Can I have a pet ?

To ensure all residents are happy, we only accept pets on the condition that there is no noise or odour pollution.

Is there a laundrette in the residences ?

Each residence has a 24-hour laundrette with washing machines and dryers.

What are the opening hours of the residence ?

There are no time constraints. As a tenant, you have 24-hour access to the residences.

Who will I meet in the residence ?

Students, trainees, young workers.

Are there any events/activities planned for students ?

The members of the residence team look after the well-being and harmony of students. They organise activities, events, competitions (Halloween decoration, Best Ugly Jumper) cookery classes and much more!

What if I lose my keys ?

You can reach reception or the NEMEA team during the day. If this happens to you in the middle of the night, don't panic, contact a locksmith who will do what is necessary and then contact your home insurance provider the next day.

Are there any rules ?

Yes, for everyone’s peace of mind, a common set of rules for each residence will be given to you on your arrival and you will be asked to sign them.

Is there a person present at all times ?

Yes at reception during opening hours.

Can I receive my mail and have parcels delivered ?

 Yes, you can have your mail and parcels delivered to the residence. No need to wait for the delivery man, the team is there for you!

Can I customise my flat ?

Please note that repainting, drilling or knocking down partitions is not allowed. You have carte blanche to create a room that fits with your style, but don't forget that you will have to return your flat in its original state.

Are the flats suitable for people with reduced mobility ?

Our residences are accessible to people with reduced mobility. We offer accessible flats, please contact us for personal assistance when making your reservation.

Can a minor rent a NEMEA student flat ?

 With the agreement and signature of the legal representative on the rental contract, a minor can be a tenant in a NEMEA residence.

Are the flats only for students ?

NEMEA offers accommodation for students, but also for young people in employment or training.

Can I change my NEMEA student residence ?

NEMEA’s "transfer of residence" service enables mobility between residences in the NEMEA network.
NEMEA will take care of your file. The contract will be sent to you directly by e-mail. Don't forget to contact your residence manager to carry out your outgoing and incoming inventories.

Can I sponsor new tenants ?

If there is still accommodation available, sponsoring a friend is possible. Consultation Brochure.

Can I move in earlier ?

This can be done under certain conditions:

If you have received your tenancy agreement, you should contact your landlord as soon as possible to report your change of status.

If you are at the online stage, you can modify, delete or complete your reservation.

Can I keep the accommodation in the summer ?

You can maintain your rental during the summer months and it is highly recommended. The rent remains the same as the rest of the year during this period. Keeping your accommodation during the summer will ensure that you are re-housed in the residence, save you further application fees and avoid the need for a new entry and exit inspection.

What is the procedure to follow before I give up my flat ?

 You just have to notify us of the cancellation one month in advance by registered mail and make an appointment with the residence manager to carry out your exit inventory. Remember that the flat must be returned in the same condition as it was given to you.

Can I leave the flat before the end of the notice period ?

The tenant may leave the accommodation before the end of the notice period if the accommodation is re-let beforehand. To do this, you will need to obtain the necessary information from the residence manager, who will give you an appointment to carry out the outgoing inventory of fixtures if the property is re-let before the end of your notice period. The last month's rent will then be pro-rated.