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How to write a CV for a student job ?


With tuition fees, rent, shopping, partying etc. student life is not always easy! Want to save your bank account (and avoid going back to mum and dad cap in hand)? Why not look for a student job that fits in with your schedule? When you have literally zero experience, what do you write on your CV? No need to panic just yet, Nemea Appart Etud has some advice on how to write a professional CV!


Student CV: should it have a photo?

Ah, the famous photo dilemma! Each recruiter has their own preference, but we think the right photo gives your CV a plus. Are you applying for a student job in sales? Whether it's a clothing shop, sports shop, restaurant or even the local café, a recruiter will appreciate a CV with a photo as it makes your application much more interesting.

On the other hand, it has to be the right photo! Please don’t stick on that over pixelated shot taken with your webcam in terrible lighting. Take your time and take advantage of a day with nice natural light to take a picture of yourself: put on an outfit that looks a little more professional than your student association sweatshirt, do your hair and maybe even smile at the photographer!

If you don't have a selfie stick (whatever you think of them they can be handy) then ask a friend to take a picture of you in front of a neutral background. A good laptop and it's in the bag!


How to layout your CV for a student job?

How to write a CV for a student job? For a "simple" job, there’s no need to make a super original CV with special effects. Keep it simple with roughly 4 parts: 

  • Your contact details (the basics, but it's always best to remember them)
  • Your education (no one cares about primary school at this point)
  • Your professional or relevant experience (and yes, dog-sitting or babysitting for the neighbour does count!)
  • Your interests

If you have little or no professional experience, focus on your community involvement! Did you run a theatre group and help to organise a competition between different groups? Include it! Were you involved in managing the school cafeteria? Include it! These are all things that show your personal commitment.

Your hobbies and passions say a lot about you too! Have several years of football or basketball under your belt? Argue that you’re a team player. Years of riding as an amateur and/or in competition? You know how to deal with the unexpected and remain calm in all circumstances.

Companies that recruit students are not born yesterday and know that they can't ask for the moon! It’s up to you to show that you have mastered the skills, that you’re willing to learn and that you’re motivated. 

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.