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Student housing grants


From energy cheques to housing allowances, there's lots of government support out there to help students with their rental accommodation. There are several places you can turn to, but the main ones are the CAF, Action Logement and the CROUS. Here's an overview of the various housing grants available to students in France. Find out more about the difference between APL and housing benefit, the two most in-demand options for young people during their studies. 


Student grants

Here is the list of options for help paying your student rent:

  • Some students are entitled to means-tested grants, either based on their income or their parents', these can be used to cover various student fees, including accommodation.
  • Discounted university residences are available to students in need.
  • Action Logement will act as a guarantor for students who don't have one, or who have financial constraints. 
  • The APL for students: Aide Personnalisée au Logement is for students living in subsidised accommodation, such as social housing or a CROUS flat. 
  • The ALS, Allocation de Logement Social, can be awarded for a student's main residence if the accommodation meets decency criteria and minimum occupancy conditions. 
  • Students on work-linked training schemes under the age of 30 may be entitled to between €10 and €100 a month (for up to 1 year) under the Mobili-Jeune scheme.
  • Low-interest student loans can help cover accommodation and living costs while you study. However, they must be paid back after you graduate 
  • And last but not least, some students choose to share a flat or house with other students in order to reduce their accommodation costs.

To apply for housing benefit, ALS or APL, go to the CAF website. For emergency or more specific assistance, contact CROUS.