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Student accommodation: help with paying the rent


While some students are lucky enough to have parents willing to help them, or even pay for their student accommodation outright, not everyone can count on it. And as you know, rent can quickly eat into your savings and put a downer on your evening budget. Fortunately, there are housing subsidies to help students with limited means. Nemea Appart'Etud has the lowdown.


CAF student assistance

 "Have you applied to the CAF?” As a student, this is a question you’re bound to hear. The CAF (Caisse Nationale d'Allocation Familiale) is THE student saviour with two possible housing subsidies: 

  • Aide Personnalisée au Logement  (APL): if you are renting housing listed with the State.
  • Allocation de Logement à Caractère Social (ALS): if you rent any other type of accommodation, as long as it meets certain conditions

To be entitled to one of the CAF subsidies, you have to apply online in your account area (no need to pick up the phone, the internet is all you need!). Reminder: housing assistance is calculated using the cost of your rent and your resources, not those of your parents.


Regional housing assistance

If you’re moving from the deep dark countryside in la Creuse (as pretty as it may be) to a big city, there’s a good chance that you’ll be eligible for local assistance. The region, the city and sometimes even the institution you are studying at may offer schemes to help you pay your rent/security deposit.

Contact the CROUS for more information, but be aware that some grants are subject to an age limit or are reserved for students in professional training.


Rental assistance from Action Logement

Moving away to start your student life is pretty cool, but it can be a real pain in the ass for your budget. Action Logement offers several possible forms of assistance, depending on your situation. 

  • With the Loca-Pass advance, you take out a loan (interest-free) to pay the security deposit. You then repay this amount over the lifetime of your lease. It avoids starting the year in the red.
  • The VISALE guarantee can provide your deposit for your rental file. This is very convenient, as it’s 1) reliable and 2) totally free! It's great if you can't or don't want to ask your family to act as guarantor (a chance to show that you can manage like a proper adult)
  • Mobili-Jeune aid is paid to students on work-linked or professional contracts to help them pay their rent. You have to meet certain conditions, but this assistance can be as much as €100 per month, so check if you are eligible. 

With this assistance, you should be able to lighten the burden of rent on your budget, but keep an eye on your bank account to avoid unpleasant surprises! It would be a shame not to be able to participate in your university's integration trip!