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Mistakes to avoid when looking for student accommodation for an internship


Finding student accommodation for an internship can be as stressful as it is exciting. During this crucial time, you need to make wise choices according to the city, the time of year, and the details of your specific work placement. To help you avoid the obvious mistakes, here are some tips for finding a short-stay student residence to meet your needs.

Finding a flat for an internship: top tips and how to avoid the pitfalls

  • Don't leave it to the last minute to start your search. Plan ahead and visit the city to get a better idea of the area.
  • Consider the length of your daily commute and opt for accommodation close to your place of work or with good public transport links.
  • Remember to estimate your budget for the duration of your work placement: take into account the cost of day-to-day living, including food, accommodation, transport and all the extras.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of visiting your accommodation in person, and make sure you read the contract carefully. Don't sign up for a contract that's any longer than you need: it's a sure-fire way to waste money.
  • Take careful note of any reviews of the property and the local area: forewarned is forearmed. 


The advantages of student residences

Choosing a residence that's totally dedicated to students, such as Nemea Appart'Etud, allows you to benefit from specially designed accommodation:

  • We have residences in over 20 French student towns and cities, from Lille to Rouen, from Strasbourg to Lyon, and from Montpellier to Toulouse and beyond. 
  • Additionally, you can choose the exact length of your stay, from a minimum of two nights. 
  • Last but not least, the rental process is simplified and tailored to the needs of students. 

Take the plunge and pick your Nemea Appart'Etud short-stay student residence!