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Finding accommodation tailored to students' needs


Finding the right place to live and completing all the necessary paperwork can be a real headache for students. When you're young and moving to a new city to study, you often need a bit of help to get things right! 

Follow our step-by-step tips to finding a student flat and sorting out all the paperwork for student accommodation.


Moving into your new student flat, a step by step guide

1. Plan ahead: competition for accommodation can be fierce, so it's best to start looking a few months before the start of the university year.

2. Identify your needs: determine your budget, how close you want to be to your university, the facilities you need and how safe and convenient the area is.

3. Explore different avenues:

4. Make a to-do-list with all the administrative formalities you need to complete:

  • Registration: for university halls of residence, follow the registration procedure; for private accommodation, read the rental contract carefully before signing it.
  • Deposit: think about the budgeting for the deposit, in addition to the first month's rent
  • Home insurance: take out home insurance for your accommodation (a legal requirement in France)
  • Housing assistance: apply to the CAF or CROUS for housing assistance (APL, ALS, etc.).

6. Organise your move: once all the administrative stuff is done, plan your move and remember to read the water, electricity and gas meters when you first arrive and change the contracts for those so they're in your name.

Choose a flat in a Nemea Appart'Etud residence! They're well-equipped and have everything you need in a student residence. What's more, they're located just a stone's throw from city centres, campuses and leading universities.