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Student residence: the advantages of a furnished flat.


Are you moving away from home for your studies? We bet you’re looking forward to having your own little place to chill out and eat cereal at 11 pm if you feel like it! But the first few months of independence can be scary, especially if you don't even know how to cook pasta! Have you considered a furnished flat in a student residence? Nemea Appart'Etud has some info on why this type of accommodation is so great.


Moving in and out mega fast

With a furnished flat in a student residence, you save time when it comes to moving in and out! You only need to bring your personal belongings: clothes, books, laptop, etc.

With Nemea Apart’Etud, the furniture can stay where it is and so can the kitchen utensils, duvet and pillow! To be on the move quickly, this is a really great solution. In addition, the legal notice period for furnished accommodation is only one month.


Enjoy student life, while maintaining your privacy

Want to relax at home while making the most of your newfound independence? No roommates, no need to share the bathroom or kitchen... a furnished flat in a student residence allows you to enjoy the advantages of a residence while maintaining your privacy. Spend Sunday in your pyjamas if you want, no one will see you!


In-home services for students

One of the advantages of a furnished flat in a student residence is access to additional services included in the rent. No need to choose between your gym membership (ready to burn off that weekend pizza party?) and Wi-Fi (how else can you follow a live stream?) ! Nemea Appart'Etud student residences have internet access included as standard and many have a gym directly on the premises. There's no excuse for being unfit!


Furnished flats, your ideal first student accommodation

Your first year of study is the time to feel your way, you might feel a bit lost or low at times with all this new stuff going on. The advantage of a student apartment in a residence is that you can count on other students being around, and also the support of the residence staff. Something wrong with your flat? Pop to reception and someone will come and check it all out! Great for peace of mind, right?


Book your furnished accommodation in a student residence

Living in a student residence doesn’t mean missing out on home comforts! With our furnished flats, you get the advantages of a student residence, minus the disadvantages (such as the toilet on the landing, shared with the 15 other rooms on the floor).

With Nemea Appart'Etud, choose your accommodation in the city of your choice, fill in the reservation form and provide the necessary documents. Then, all you have to do is sign the rental contract and start student life the right way.