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Toulouse's top 3 events of the year


Just moved into your student accommodation in Toulouse and want to have fun and meet people without spending a fortune? The city of Toulouse has a rich and varied programme all year round. Nemea Appart'Etud has put together a list of the top 3 free events in Toulouse. Check out our guide!

1.The traditional Toulouse Carnival

Every year, in spring, the Toulouse Carnival takes place. This is a must-see event that's open to everyone. For several days, festive events, workshops, concerts and shows are held in the Pink City.

The finishing touch? The big parade on Saturday, with more than 80,000 participants: musical groups, decorated floats, associations and volunteer carnival workers. At the head of the procession is Monsieur or Madame Carnival (depending on the year). The route of the procession generally starts in the rue d'Alsace Lorraine, heading towards Pont-Neuf, passing Donjon du Capitole and Place Esquirol. After the parade, Monsieur or Madame Carnival ends his or her day of reign on the purifying pyre, and music plays to close this event in Toulouse.

2.Les Siestes Electroniques: a free outdoor music festival

Exams are nearly over, temperatures are rising and the days are getting shorter... It's June! It's also time for the Siestes Electroniques festival! This is a free, open-air music festival showcasing all forms of contemporary music. You can enjoy free live concerts and DJ sets while you rest on the grass with your head in the clouds. The atmosphere is family friendly and relaxed.

3.The Toulouse Rugby Festival

Dive into the world of the oval ball! In Toulouse, rugby is the local sport par excellence. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply curious, come and experience the Toulouse Rugby Festival! In June, the Place du Capitole is transformed into a real rugby field. On the programme: introductory sessions, 5-a-side touch rugby games, tournaments and other activities all centred on rugby.

Organised by Toulouse City Council and Toulouse Métropole, the festival is entirely free and open to everyone.

We're counting on you to make the most of all these free events in Toulouse!

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.