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Rennes: finding a student job to pay the rent


It's official! You’re (finally) leaving the life of a high school pupil to join the wonderful world of students! You're off to parties, the best activities with your classmates... and you're already dreaming of a gigantic apartment. But there's a catch... paying rent requires cold, hard cash (Yes, we know that’s obvious). So, to pay the rent for your awesome apartment in Rennes, think about getting a student job. Nemea has some tips on how to find a job that fits your daily life.


Tip 1: Choose a flat with a reasonable rent

 You'll tell us that this is obvious too, but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself. If you pay your own rent, you need to be sure that you can pay for the whole year. You may have to reduce your hours during revision periods or mid-term exams, with the resulting drop in income... By opting for a flat that doesn’t come with a crazy price tag, your job search will be less pressured.

 So, a word of advice, be pragmatic! That villa with a pool will have to wait until after you graduate. To find accommodation without having to sell a kidney on the black market, consider a student residence in Rennes. It’s a great way of renting a lovely student studio without breaking the bank.


 Tip 2: Look for a student job that suits your schedule

 You may have grown up reading Harry Potter or the X-Men, but last time I checked you don't have the power to be in two places at once. So, it's important to choose a job that will allow you to attend your classes, while leaving you time to study and also to chill out and go out with friends. There is more to life than work!

 Some university courses are notorious for leaving huge gaps in the timetable, but think of the amount of homework you’ll have to do! If all your classes are in the early afternoon, why not look for a night or early morning student job? Whether it's cleaning or waiting tables in a bar, there are opportunities for those who prefer to work shifts.

 Does your schedule change regularly? Then forget about regular jobs and look to the classified ads for jobs like baby-sitting, dog-sitting, homework help and other small services such as DIY for example.


Tip 3: Where to look for your student job

 Do you want to work, earn money and pad out your CV? The Internet is not just for watching Netflix and playing Minecraft! Go to specialist websites and checkout the ads regularly.

 You can also use the age old method of classified ads! The local supermarket probably has a notice board for such requests.

 Lastly, get in touch with your university! For example, the Student Life Centre at Rennes 1 regularly recruits for events such as open days, etc.

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.