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Heron Park in Villeneuve-d'Ascq


To the east of Lille and south of Roubaix, Villeneuve-d'Ascq is an ideally located commune in the north of France. It is known for its excellent location, natural spaces, parks and walking trails. And of all of its natural spaces, Parc du Héron in Villeneuve-d'Ascq is particularly famous! Residents of all ages, from the very young to students, families and senior citizens, love to relax and spend their leisure time enjoying the many areas of this park. 

Villeneuve-d'Ascq, a green town

From the Giacometti footpath to the urban park, from the marshland bordering La Marque to the lakes and shared gardens, there are plenty of green spaces in this city in northern France. With its 110 hectares of green spaces and lakes, Parc du Héron is one of the town's landmarks. This huge expanse of greenery in the heart of the city is enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. There's something for everyone!

  • Walks with friends or family
  • Fishing trips
  • A visit to Asnapio, the archaeological reconstruction park
  • The hunting lodge
  • The heron farm and orchard
  • Spotting different flora and fauna
  • Numerous walking, cycling and jogging trails for children and adults

Stay close to nature in Villeneuve d'Ascq

Whether you're just passing through or stopping for a while, and especially if you're coming here to study, consider staying at Résidence Pont de Bois in Villeneuve d'Ascq!

The residence is just a stone's throw from Parc du Héron, near the campus and close to the city centre by metro, so you'll be in a great location for both nature and getting around. 

The city's green space, Parc du Héron is a great spot for exercise, rest and tranquillity for lovers of nature and greenery!

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.