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Finding a student job in Grenoble


Looking for some work to fit alongside your studies? It's not always easy getting a job when you're a student. What do you need to do to get a student job in Grenoble? Nemea Appart'Etud has a guide to help you with your job search.


Grenoble: an attractive city for a student job

Want to put some money aside to finance your studies and make the most of student life? A student job in Grenoble is just what you need!

Even though you need to be really organised, working alongside your studies can have many benefits. In addition to being useful for your future work, it's also an opportunity to meet new people if you've just arrived in Grenoble. Although it's best if you can find something close to where you live or study. The Gières Campus student residence is a stone's throw from Université Grenoble Alpes and right at the foot of the tramway station that will take you to the town centre.


Tips for finding a student job in Grenoble

This might be a bit of a disappointment, but you're going to need a CV and a cover letter. Yep, finding a job takes hard work! The first thing we'd recommend is to focus your job search by narrowing it down a little: what kind of job are you willing to do, or not? Do you have a salary in mind? Preferences on your working hours?

Don't be afraid to get out there and meet people at different companies. Handing over your CV in the hope of getting a job when one isn't advertised is often appreciated and shows your motivation. Consider temporary jobs too: you'll save time, be more independent and have more flexibility!


A few ideas for places to look for a student job in Grenoble

Finding a student job in Grenoble and still doing well at your studies is totally possible! You just need to look at which sectors are more likely to employ students. For example, you could look for a job helping with homework, private lessons, childcare in someone's home, work in a leisure centre, as a tour guide, a delivery person, a sales agent or a receptionist.

You can also look for any jobs going at Université Grenoble Alpes, or even work from home jobs if you have a good internet connection and a computer in good working order.

By Nahuel Pedroso - Marketing and Innovation Manager

Driven by nostalgia for my student years, I am constantly looking for information and tips to simplify students' lives. My goal is to share these discoveries to help students in their academic journey.