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Student: how to rent a removal van?


This is it! You're off to new adventures and student life! Time for parties, revising in the library and more, but first, you'll have to manage your move like a boss. You may need to hire a removal van to transport all your furniture and boxes. Nemea Appart'Etud can tell you what you need to know when it comes to renting a suitable vehicle.


Hire: which removal van to choose?

The more stuff you have to move, the larger the truck you need. Don't worry, as a student you won't need a 10-tonne truck! And there's no need to make repeated trips wit hundreds of boxes on the metro to save a few euros. A well-managed move means months of peace in your student flat!

For each size of flat there is an ideal volume, depending of course on what you want to have available in your studio.

To move a studio or one-bedroom flat: hiring a removal van of between 6 and 12m3 is adequate (if you need to move a sofa you’ll need at least 8m3 ).

To move a flat of up to 50 m²: upgrade to a larger 20 to 23m3 truck.


Rules for hiring a removal van

Can you rent a removal van if you’re a student? The answer is yes, with a few conditions.

The driver must be over 21 years of age and present several documents: 

  • Driving licence
  • Proof of address (e.g. recent bill)
  • Bank card detailing your first and last name (no, Mum's won't work)
  • A valid identity document

Some rental agencies require the driver to have at least 1-2 years of driving experience; check the requirements carefully, even if it means making a relative or good friend who is helping you move the driver of the vehicle.


How can I avoid hiring a removal van?

The first option is to ask those you know. Does your stepsister's grandmother's uncle have a van? Why not ask them nicely to lend or hire you the vehicle?

The easiest way to save on the cost of a removal truck is, of course, not to need one in the first place! (sometimes you just have to state the obvious). And that means choosing suitable student accommodation such as a furnished flat in a student residence.

There’s no need to lug furniture across the city and you’ll have everything close at hand. Choose a Nemea student residence and everything you need, a suitcase of clothes, your PC and a few books will fit into your car boot.