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Our advice on how to plan for your student move


Are you looking forward to student life starting a few weeks or months from now? You may have decided to study away from home. Whether it's in the next town over or the other side of the country or continent, your move must be carefully planned. Here are some tips on how to plan for your student move.


Star way in advance: choose the right accommodation

To avoid an expensive, pointless move get this step right from the start. Especially if you’re moving far away, the less you have to worry the easier and cheaper the move will be. To limit the constraints, the best option is to rent furnished accommodation, such as a flat in a student residence. A furnished studio will save you time and you’ll likely avoid the hassle of hiring a van because you only need to move your personal belongings


Sort your stuff beforehand

 Student flats don’t have unlimited storage space. So, it's important to quickly sort through your belongings, ordering them according to their importance: 

  • The essentials: the things you will need every day and that you don’t want to buy locally (clothes, laptop, etc.)
  • The optional extras: to be taken in moderation if you still have room. For example, a few books to read in your leisure time
  • Unnecessary items: items that are too bulky, that you only use very occasionally or that you can buy easily on the spot

If you regularly return to your parents' home, move only the bare essentials, even if it means bringing back a few personal belongings after each visit home. Some daily items may not be needed, for example, you might not need to bring your weights and sports equipment if your student residence has a full gym.


Pack your boxes and sort transport

 To make your move as efficient as possible, pack your boxes or bags in advance and, above all, as you go along. Lists are perfect for keeping track of what you’ve already packed and what you still have to do.

Make sure you have a reliable means of transport that allows you to take everything you need with you, avoiding several return trips. In some cases, having your belongings sent to a parcel pick up point can save you time, plus you won’t need to hire a large vehicle.

 Are you planning to reach your new city by train or plane? Think about this when packing your suitcase! It will be hard to fit several large suitcases on this type of transport.

 Moving house requires organisation, so plan well in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.