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When to apply for APL for student accommodation ?


Have you found the flat of your dreams? Can you picture yourself living your best life as an independent student? Hurrah! It’s great to be independent, but you wouldn’t say no to a little help to pay the rent. Your studio flat might mean you’re entitled to APL for students. But how and especially when to apply? Nemea Appart'Etud has the lowdown.


How do I apply for student APL?

To know when it is best to apply for APL, you need to understand how it works. Housing assistance is paid by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF), usually directly into your bank account. So don't worry, you don't need to pick up the phone to apply for APL! Gen Z’s you’ll be loving life, the whole process is done via the internet!


Here are some steps to successfully apply for the allowance:

Log on to the CAF website (so far so good, it's not too complicated)

Access online services and choose either "simulator" or "apply".
The simulator will help you work out if you are eligible and how much you could receive. There's no point in sweating it out with the form if you're not entitled to anything after all. Trust us, it’s worth a try!

To fill in your application, you’ll need a few documents at hand (otherwise you’ll be up and down every 2 minutes moaning and searching for your bank details) 

  • Your rental contract
  • Proof of income (if you have worked)
  • Your parents' social security number and the contact details of their CAF
  • Your bank details (useful for receiving money)

Everything is done online via a simple form, if you have any questions just contact your CAF. They’re nice, we promise.


When should I apply for APL for my student flat?

When to apply for student APL ? Basically, keep one simple rule in mind: fill out your APL application as soon as possible after you have signed the lease.

Why? Firstly, so you receive your first payment as soon as possible to pay your rent quickly (I hear landlords like it). But it’s also a question of timing. APL is not applied retroactively, so if you wait 3 months to apply, you won't get the money for those 3 months you waited.

Another thing to note is that the money is paid one month in arrears. In concrete terms, if you move in and apply in October, you won't receive the first payment from CAF until November.

So, hurry up and log on and fill in your application if you haven't already done so!

Where to apply for APL?

On the CAF website

When to apply for APL?

From the moment you sign your lease

When do you receive the first payment?

The month following your application

When is the APL paid into your account?

Between the 5th and the 10th of each month