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The rules of the rental agreement for unfurnished accommodation


The good life is coming! It's time to leave your mum and dad's cosy cocoon to go and study in another city (and enjoy some wild parties!). Are you feeling a little confused about the different types of leases for your accommodation? Paperwork making you want to scream? Here’s some information about the rental agreement for unfurnished accommodation that you may find useful. Start your new solo adventure with total peace of mind!


What’s the length and notice period for a rental agreement for unfurnished accommodation?

As a student, you have the choice of renting furnished or unfurnished accommodation. In all cases, you sign a rental agreement with the owner of the property (whether that’s a private individual or a structure such as a student residence). This is a binding contract (don't panic it will be ok!).

Please note: there are some differences between the rental agreement for furnished accommodation and the rental agreement for unfurnished accommodation. The rental period is not the same. The lease for a furnished flat is established for a period of 9 months for dedicated student furnished flats, or one year renewable for standard furnished flats. For unfurnished accommodation, there are no benefits linked to your status as a student (disappointing, we know), the general rules apply, i.e. the lease is established for an initial period of 3 years, renewable by tacit agreement (basically, it's the same as for everyone else).

If you wish to leave your unfurnished accommodation, you must give three months' notice, as opposed to one month's notice for furnished accommodation. In some cases, this notice period can be reduced to one month, but you must justify this (departure for a first job, etc.).