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Rental agreements for furnished flats


Are you about to rent your first student studio? Enjoying the freedom of your very own flat, sadly means you have to deal with a bunch of red tape. Before you occupy your furnished accommodation, you will need to sign a rental agreement. Here are a few things you should know to get your tenancy off to a good start.


Which rental agreement should I choose?

The lease for a student flat in an Appart'Etud residence takes the form of a rental agreement for furnished accommodation. This type of contract offers a number of advantages for you as a young student with a somewhat unstable life during your studies.

A furnished lease is usually simpler and more convenient than a rental agreement for unfurnished accommodation and typically last sfor 1 year, compared to 3 years. To make things even easier for you, there’s a special student rental agreement! With a lease of only 9 months, you can rest easy as there is no need to give notice to end the contract and you save 3 months' rent over the year (just imagine the number of festivals or trips you’ll be able to go to with those savings!)

What information is included on the lease for a furnished property?

The rental agreement, signed by the landlord and the tenant, must include certain information: 

  • The contact details of each party
  • The expected rental period
  • The conditions for giving notice
  • The cost of rent excluding utilities
  • The total cost including utilities
  • The amount of the security deposit
  • The living area of the flat

Annexes such as the inventory of fixtures and the list of equipment made available to the tenant are then added to the agreement. These come in handy for knowing exactly what you need to return, and in what condition, when you take off on new adventures!

 Be sure to read it carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises!