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Students, why should you avoid an unfurnished rental ?


Also known as an empty rental, an unfurnished rental means that the flat you are going to occupy is completely empty. There will be no furniture in the flat when you receive the keys. When you’re a student, you’ll probably want to avoid this type of accommodation and opt for a furnished rental instead. Nemea has the lowdown on the main disadvantages of renting an empty property.


The painful logistics involved with an unfurnished flat

Renting an empty flat logically means that you’ll have to furnish it. This raises the question of whether to buy furniture locally (new or second-hand) or to have furniture transported from your parents' home to your study city. These transport and/or purchase issues obviously entail a cost to be added to the rent of the flat. Then, you have the same problem in reverse when you leave the accommodation. Should you leave and arrange to take your furniture or try to sell it on with no certainty it will go?

If you choose to have your own furniture transported, there’s always the risk that it won’t fit well into your new flat: room too narrow, there’s a sloped roof and the ceiling is too low and so on.

You might also want to be mindful of your deposit. When moving house and large furniture, accidents can happen and you risk damaging the parquet, lino or wallpaper.


The risk of being less mobile for your internships and studies

In addition to the logistical constraints above, there is also the length of the notice period. Unfurnished accommodation requires you to take precautions, as the notice period is 3 months. This means that you must give the landlord 3 months' notice before you leave your flat. But student life is full of surprises! Are you waiting to hear about an internship or admission to another course? If an internship offer abroad (or elsewhere in France) arises, renting unfurnished accommodation may restrict your ability to accept it.


Housing during your studies: the ideal solution

Unfurnished accommodation really isn’t the easiest option for students, but you can always opt for a flat in a  student residence. With Nemea Appart'Etud, you have a furnished home and many services to make your daily life easier: a gym, co-working space, internet connection, hoover loan, the option to move between different residences... live your student life to the full with Nemea residences.

Our network of residences means you can transfer your file from one city to another to take advantage of the best study or internship opportunities.