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Student accommodation: what not to do when looking for accommodation.


So, you’ll be a student next term? You need to do everything you can to find your ideal student accommodation for the coming year. To ensure a successful search, here are some pitfalls to avoid.


Getting there at the last minute

Large cities are often very student-oriented. The demand for housing is super high and sometimes supply is limited. To maximise your chances of securing a student tenancy, don't leave it until the last minute or you may not find accommodation that meets your criteria. Start enquiring as soon as you have your results, or even before, and simply cancel your reservation if you change your mind.


Not organising your paperwork

Renting a student residence is subject to your paperwork being accepted. The standard mistake is not getting it all organised in advance. It is however worth your while to come prepared when visiting the accommodation! Find out what supporting documents are needed (proof of guarantor's income, etc.) and put together your application in advance, so you can be one of the first to submit your file.

To be prepared for any eventuality, prepare a file in digital format on different media (USB key, cloud, etc.) in addition to a standard paper file. That way you to share it immediately if you like the place you’ve visited.


Taking the first available accommodation you see.

Worried you might end up with nowhere to live at the beginning of the school year? If you’re in too much of a hurry, you may be tempted to rent the first flat you see that’s available, ignoring the quality completely. This is a risky move, both in terms of comfort and safety. Even if it means getting ahead of the game and starting you search early, make time to visit a variety rentals and check their location. That way you can be sure you’re not living not too far away from your place of study and your new home is close to amenities and/or public transport. This is also a good time to find out more about the area and its reputation. Is it a lively area with lots going on (cinema, theatre, cafés, etc.) or a more residential area with lots of families around?

To avoid wasting time, Nemea suggests you reserve your student accommodation as soon as possible. Enjoy a carefree holiday knowing you’ve found your studio or one-bedroom flat for the new school year, in a location that works for your studies. With our presence in many student cities in France, often several residences in the same city, you’re sure to find the student accommodation that suits you.