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Student accommodation: when to start looking?


Are you dreaming of student life? A peaceful life, far away from you parents where you’re free to do what you want? It’s coming! If this is your first year of study, you may be a little confused about the timing of things. When to look for student accommodation? Before or after your exam results? Follow the Nemea Appart'Etud guide.


Knowing where to look for student accommodation

If you’ve only applied for university in one city then this one doesn’t matter, but some future students may have different options all over France. So, if that's the case, what do you do ?
Have you taken a competitive exam? Well, unless you’re a mind reader, you don't yet know which city you’ll be studying in. After looking at where the good parties are at, maybe your next criteria for picking a city would be the standard of accommodation available? Both the universities have the same course at the same level, so you have to make a decision somehow!

Remember, lots of students are looking for that same rare little gem when it comes to accommodation, so don’t wait too long to start looking for your perfect flat.


When to look for your accommodation?

Start you search at the right time so you don’t end up with the ancient, damp (and ugly) broom cupboard, the only accommodation left in your area. For example, CROUS student residences are oversubscribed and, depending on the city, if you don't have a grant, it’s not even worth applying. Disappointing, we know!

You’ll be able to find shared rooms at a reasonable cost from May-June. But if you're unlucky, sharing a flat can quickly become a total a nightmare. We've all heard stories of that awful roommate, so maybe this isn’t your best option. Let's face it, living alone and being able to hang out in your pyjamas all day without being judged is pretty neat.

Don't want to go hours of accommodation searches? Nemea has just what you need with our Appart'Etud residences. In a few simple clicks you’ll have your studio or one-bedroom flat reserved and you’re ready to go. Long before you even get your results! At least you’ll have a place to stay, and if you change your mind, don't get into your chosen university or decide to go and raise goats in the back of beyond, you can always cancel your reservation and get your money back.

By planning ahead, you avoid the stress of wondering whether you’ll have a roof over your head when you head off to uni, and you’ll also have more choice! You can choose a more spacious apartment without rushing and feeling pressured into it.