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Is it compulsory to have insurance for your accommodation in a student residence ?


Are you about to start student life? Well, you should know that you have to comply with certain administrative requirements, as certain procedures and subscriptions must be followed to access housing. This is the case with home insurance. Find out your legal obligations in terms of home insurance If you’re a student living in a student residence


Home insurance: mandatory for student residences

Will your first student accommodation be a Nemea student residence? You should know that home insurance is a must for renting accommodation in a university residence, whether it’s run by the CROUS or a private company like Nemea.

It's a condition when you sign the lease that the tenant takes out insurance to protect both themself and the accommodation and from so-called rental risks. This is simply the risk of damage that may occur during the rental period: accidents such as fire or water damage, theft and other kinds of damage.

When taking out insurance, remember to check the precise terms of your contract to ensure effective protection at the best price.


What criteria should you be looking at when choosing student home insurance?

The price of comprehensive home insurance varies according to different criteria such as location, size of the home, number of valuables to be insured (personal property), etc. so, it’s important to shop around and compare different offers. Particularly as some insurance companies offer deals to young people to retain their business. When your comparing price, don’t forget to compare what the contract covers too.

As a student, there are certain safeguards you should be aware of. If you’re renting accommodation for a long period, for example, more than a year, there’s a good chance that you’ll leave the flat for a few weeks: school holidays, internships, trips home to see your parents, etc. Make sure that you take out a contract that continues to cover you during any long-term absences. In general, those offering this condition limit the guarantee to an absence of up to 90 days. This is not necessarily the case with all home insurance policies.

Nemea makes it easier for you to move in by offering you the opportunity to take out home insurance directly at an attractive rate for those on a tight budget. Remember a certificate of home insurance is compulsory to occupy Nemea student accommodation.

Please note: your personal belongings such as electronic items (computer, hi-fi system, etc.) are not covered by home insurance in the event of a claim. If you want to protect them, you can take out additional insurance.