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How to rent a furnished flat when you’re a student ?


Are you going to study far enough away from your parents to need accommodation? Now’s the time to grab your freedom, go out with your friends, eat pasta straight from the pan if you want to... as long as you have a flat to live in. Are you only planning one year or semester of study? Then the very best option is a furnished student flat! Our tips for finding yours.


The best things about a furnished student flat

This is probably the type of accommodation that gets reserved the fastest during the summer! A furnished flat has a lot going for it, especially for students and their budget. As well as helping you escape from your parents (you have to admit, it’s up there in your reasons for studying away from home), a furnished apartment is a super practical option!

Yes, a furnished apartment is, as the name implies, furnished. So all you have to do is bring your clothes, your laptop and some books and you'll feel at home! And to top it all off, you can even eave your socks lying around without your parents nagging you about it.

The accommodation is furnished with all the basics and depending on the owners a few extras too. A bed, a wardrobe, a fully equipped kitchen, a desk and/or a dining table... this type of studio or apartment is so practical when you’re moving far away.

The other advantage of furnished accommodation is the short notice period! When you leave this apartment for greener pastures, you’ll only have to give one month's notice, which is practical for organising your move.


How to rent a furnished student flat?

Free as a bird, but with a comfortable studio? This is what renting a furnished student flat means. So how do you go about finding the flat of your dreams?

If you have friends who are moving out of their student accommodation, get them to put in a good word for you. It works pretty well as it can reassure the owners if the previous rental was successful. If your friend was a pro at loud parties and leaving random stains on the wall, then you'll probably end up at the bottom of the list. There’s also the risk that the landlord will take advantage of the situation and try to get you to pay for repairs, maintenance, etc. that are not your responsibility.

If you want the freedom of a furnished student flat, without the hassle, Nemea Appart’Etud has what you need. Our flats are equipped with all the necessary furniture and you get to live in a secure residence with other students around you and a host of extras like a  gym or laundrette... think Nemea when you want to rent a furnished student flat.