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Get your first flat in a student residence: the first step to independence


Becoming a student, making that first great step can sometime be difficult even though it's a fact of life. Moving away to a new environment, new habits and of course studying new things is a big change. To ensure it all works out, it helps to find somewhere comfortable to call home.

Essential criteria for your first student flat

You never forget your first student flat, it marks the arrival of more freedom, but this new adventure also brings new responsibilities. It's really important to choose your first student flat carefully so your transition to a new city goes well. First, it should be in a good state and well maintained so you aren't cold and you can live in an environment which will help you to succeed at your university course. Next it should be well located so you can reach your university easily, on foot or by public transport. A furnished flat is more practical as you won't need to spend a lot to move, especially if your new flat is far away from your home town.

Choosing a flat in a student residence

The advantage of a student residence is that you won't be alone. You'll be surrounded by lots of other students often attending the same university as you. The flat itself is fully furnished and equipped and internet access is included in the rent. What is more it'll be in a great location, student residences are often just a stone's throw from your place of study. Proximity to public transport means you can easily get to the most lively areas of your new city. At Nemea, you'll have all these benefits and also the loan of appliances, a common room for group study and even access to a gym. Take a look to see if Nemea has student accommodation in your future town!