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Finding student accommodation for an internship


How to find short term accommodation simply and quickly, when you have to undertake an internship in another city to finish your studies? Where can you stay with total peace of mind while carrying out an internship in a company that's located far away from your parents or city of study? It might seem like an insurmountable task, but there are solutions. A student residence on a short or longer-term let is just what you need.


Accommodation for students on internships

Finding accommodation for a full university year can be hard enough, so it's even more difficult for a shorter time. Different options do exist though:

  • The CROUS has accommodation available, but places are limited, especially in large cities.
  • Student residences such as Appart'Etud offering comfort, flexibility and convenient services.


Appart'Etud: occaisional accommodation for students

By opting for an Appart'Etud residence, students pick comfortable, well-located accommodation. This can be very handy, especially for a short time, such as during an internship. What's more, if you find one near the place you're working, you'll get yourself a few extra minutes of sleep. There are also housing subsidies for young workers and students who need a financial boost for finding accommodation for an internship away from home.


The advantages of Appart'Etud residences.

Appart'Etud offers 13 residences in France with packages that are perfect to meet the needs of students looking for a place to stay during an end of studies internship with a company. This package has many benefits.

  • The flats are often ideally located for young people: near business areas, close to public transport and therefore to city centres
  • Stays can be booked by the night, by the week or from date to date. This flexibility means you only have to pay for the number of nights you need.
  • The accommodation is furnished and perfectly maintained. This makes it easier to settle in and reduces the need to travel between your permanent home and the temporary flat.
  • Even in the major cities or on the outskirts of Paris, rates remain attractive. At any time of the year, you can find availability.
  • Many services and facilities are available to tenants. Like an internet connection (included systematically in all Appart'Etud residences), relaxation facilities and common areas, a gym and a private car park to name a few.
  • These types of accommodation also have the advantage of hosting people who want to get together in the evening in a pleasant, relaxing environment. This makes them perfect for a student who's living in a city for a few months on a work placement.

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