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Choose the right neighborhood when looking for student accommodation


Choosing the location of your future flat is fundamental, especially during your university or higher education studies. It will have an impact on your daily life, particularly if the accommodation is in a poor location, too far from your chosen place of study. To avoid certain pitfalls, here are some tips on choosing the right area to live as a student. If you want to find out more, here are some other articles to introduce you to the neighbourhoods where you can find Nemea student residences!

Opt for student accommodation that's nice to live in. 

Here are some tips for making everyday life easier, saving you time and money and ensuring everything is within easy reach.

  • Live within reasonable commuting distance of your university so that you can spend as little time as possible commuting in the morning and evening.
  • Live close to bus stops and tram or metro stations for smoother journeys and so that your friends and family will want to visit you more often.
  • Live close to shops, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies, so all your essential services are on hand.
  • Opt for a safe and secure neighbourhood so you can always feel comfortable in and around your home.
  • Stay with or close to friends or family: when you're feeling down or out of sorts, it's always good to be surrounded by people.


A student flat in a great location makes your day to day easy.

Choose a neighbourhood with a pleasant environment that suits your taste and lifestyle:

Find green spaces, parks and gardens in the area -  essential for your jog or daily walk.

Get to know the atmosphere, spend an evening in your future district: it's the best way to gauge the noise level and the atmosphere in the bars and restaurants.

If you're a lover of literature and the arts, make sure there are local media libraries and museums close to your future student accommodation.