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Choose student liability insurance


Have you chosen your student accommodation? Even if you are surely eager to be independent and enjoy your peace of mind without parents on your back, you will first have to insure yourself with an insurance organization. You are asked for a certificate of civil liability insurance and you don't understand much about it? Nemea Appart’Etud explains everything to you.

Civil liability insurance, what is it for?

We agree, the different insurance contracts don't really make you dream... But you're going to need certain protections to rent your student accommodation or to study. So your university or your school will ask you to provide a certificate of civil liability insurance. What is student liability insurance for? This type of insurance contract is to protect you against damage you may cause to other people and their property. Your classmate lent you his laptop and you dropped it, rendering it unusable? Liability insurance can cover the replacement cost, of course only if it is an accident (if you jumped on it on purpose with both feet, the insurance will not be able to do much for you). If you want to do a few hours of babysitting during the year, this contract generally covers you for a certain quota of hours. Remember to check the contract before agreeing to keep the child of the neighbors opposite.

Where to sign a student civil liability contract?

You have several options for obtaining a civil liability certificate. You can choose your parents' insurance company, but it does not always offer you a contract adapted to your student needs. If you choose to rent a studio or a student apartment in a Nemea Appart'Etud residence, you can simplify your life! Indeed, Nemea offers you the right plan for multi-risk home insurance at a rate adapted to students, which also includes civil liability. No need to tie knots in the brain, everything is provided for students! In addition, it saves you unnecessary steps, isn't life beautiful?