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Can I reserve accommodation in a student residence ?


As the new academic year approaches, the race for student accommodation intensifies. But to avoid wasting time visiting a flat which then turns out to be no longer available, student residences offer a significant advantage: online reservations. Whether you’re studying in Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Strasbourg etc. Nemea solves the time-consuming task of finding student accommodation for you.


Make it easy on yourself and reserve your student accommodation online

In the age of the internet and where everything is done online, of course you can reserve student accommodation on the web. Nemea makes it easy for you to quickly submit your reservation file, so you can rest easy before the start of the school year.

Before grappling for just any accommodation that offers reservations, you’re better off going through an establishment, like a residence that will draw up a proper contract. That way you should avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day.

Remember to look at the photos before committing yourself, and even ask the student residence you’re interested in about services, etc. Can you rent the accommodation for a short period? For example, Nemea allows you to rent the room for a minimum of one month and up to more than one year.


Why reserve a flat in a student residence ?

Reserving accommodation for your studies offers several advantages. First of all, even if you’re currently living far from your future city of study, you can secure a ready-to-live-in flat for the move-in date that suits you. The various rentals in Nemea student residences all offer top-notch comfort and a space that’s ideal for studying, making friends with other students and relaxing. By reserving your accommodation, you can be sure of a comfortable lifestyle with no constraints and then enjoy your summer holiday with total peace of mind.

The process of reserving a student flat is simple and open to anyone, just follow the steps. Do you want to reserve accommodation for your future internship or studies in the autumn? Nothing could be easier! With a few clicks, it's done with Nemea.

Choose your city, your residence and fill in the dedicated reservation form with information about you and your guarantors. To make your life easy, supporting documents such as a copy of your student card or bank details can be sent electronically. Once your rental contract is ready, simply print it out, sign it and send it back to your student residence. It’s child's play!  

One of the main advantages of you reservation is the flexibility to change your mind. Sadly, you didn’t get your grades or the university you wanted rejected your application? Don't panic! Upon presentation of proof, your reservation fee will be refunded.