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Accommodation assistance for students 2018


Are you making a step towards independence, or moving to follow a new course? Are you looking for student accommodation so you can live well during this new adventure? Would you like to know what student accommodation assistance you are entitled to for 2018? Nemea can help.

Student accommodation assistance, what's possible

Student accommodation assistance can be allocated by the local CAF (welfare centre) for your studies. Whether it takes the form of APL ( (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) or d’ALS (Allocation Logement Social - you will be entitled to this if you request a flat at Nemea Appart'Etud), to receive it you will need to submit a file on the CAF website. Once you have submitted your file, your family's means, the restrictions imposed by the Income Tax Act and various other data will be assessed. The amount of assistance will vary according to the factors detailed above, this assistance will be transferred to you the month following your arrival in the flat. Do you want to know the amount of future accommodation assistance payments? 

The CAF website has a simple tool you can use to work it out.