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Student flats: choosing the right insurance


In addition to finding a flat to rent, there's also a lot of admin that goes with it. To move into your flat for the next few terms, you usually need home insurance. Neme Appart'Etud has some tips on where and how to find home insurance.


What's the point of home insurance?

You can't do without home insurance, so you need to get it sorted. Your home insurance contract will protect the flat you're living in from accidents and incidents during your rental period. In France, tenants liable for damage to their accommodation, so by taking out home insurance you are protected against those risks (summary of the Tenancy Guarantee Scheme GRL) 

Your home insurance will protect you in the event of a fire, flood, theft etc. but also covers any furniture in your flat. Watch out though, every contract has its own specific details with options that might cost more.

Although it isn't always mandatory, for example if you are sharing a flat (only one tenant will need insurance) or if you rent a room where the flat owner already has comprehensive insurance, proof of home insurance is often required when you sign your rental contract.


Our advice for choosing your home insurance

How do you decide on home insurance when you're a student and don't really know anything about it? First, compare different policies to find the best price.

Look at prices with different insurance companies. Some may offer additional options that aren't really of interest in your particular situation. For example, there's no point paying a fortune to protect your belongings from theft if you have nothing of value. There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to get insurers to offer you the best price, as long as your pay attention to the small print and ensure you get the protection you need. Check to see if the contract also includes public liability, what damages are taken into account etc.

To ensure you are adequately protected and can enjoy your student accommodation with total peace of mind, Nemea offers affordable comprehensive home insurance. Perfect for students on' limited budgets and a great way to save time and get on with signing your rental contract for your Nemea residence flat.