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Tips for successfully cleaning your student accommodation


Living alone also means ... having to do your own housework. It’s not exactly the most fulfilling activity, we agree! But if you don't want your neighbours to complain about the animal-like stench wafting from your flat, Nemea Appart'Etud has a few cleaning tips to help you keep your home looking and smelling nice day-to-day.


Rule 1: Regular you will be

Young padawan, if one essential rule to make housework less time-consuming there is, it’s regularity. Being organised and cleaning up after yourself every day, is so much better than doing a big clean-up every Sunday (plus everyone knows that Sunday is lazy day).

It's all about creating simple habits: folding dry clothes and putting them away immediately, doing the dishes as soon as you've finished eating, and if you can manage to put them away too, then it’s job done!

To make it easier to stick to your routine, create a little to-do list and stick it on the bathroom door. A handy reminder to clean the bathroom mirror at least once a week, for example.

A practical tip for shiny taps: after washing your hands or dishes, wipe your tap with a microfibre cleaning cloth.


Rule n°2: Be well equipped

The lightsaber does not the Jedi make... but it helps! The same goes for cleaning in student accommodation, so make sure you’re properly equipped. A cleaning kit is provided with a broom, bucket, mop, a good sponge for the bathroom and another for the dishes... and if you have the space then definitely invest in a hoover!

To make it easier for you, Nemea Appart'Etud student residences can loan you a hoover. This way you can really clean your flat, without having a bulky appliance taking up space.

As for household products, save space by opting for multi-purpose products. The must-have pair? White vinegar and baking soda. You can wage war on limescale with these powerful buddies and make your bathroom, sink and even your windows shine!


Rule 3: Be motivated

To make cleaning a bit less boring, and in doing so make it easier to get on with, set the right mood! Put on some lively music and dance while cleaning the tiles if you like!

Set yourself a goal: once you've cleaned the bathroom (shower tray, wall or curtain, toilet etc.) you get to watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy (or start from the beginning, if you like).

To make it more fun, why not get together? Motivate your neighbours or friends to do the cleaning at the same time and do something fun as a group afterwards. Effort equals reward!

In the Nemea Appart'Etud residence, take advantage of the hoover loan to keep your studio or flat clean and pleasant to live in every day. To your sponges, scrubbers and brushes... may the Force be with you!