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The advantages of coworking for a student


Wondering why you should try a student coworking space ? Because it's a stimulating, pleasant, and friendly place to be, you can meet a wide range of people with different experiences, and last but not least, it opens up new work and study opportunities !


The benefits of coworking for students

Coworking spaces are often open to specific business sectors. Some bring together communication and web pros, while others target architects, interior designers or town planners. It's a way of giving everyone the chance to be inspired by the others around them. 

However, there are also more generalist shared offices, or ones that are specifically for students! All these workspaces enable you to:

  • Develop your creativity, channel your work energy and improve your productivity
  • Expand your network and create new career opportunities
  • Collaborate and interact with new people, and be open to new projects
  • Have a flexible schedule in terms of working hours and times
  • Adapt your budget to your needs, and rent space only when you need it
  • Benefit from a wide range of advice and experience


Students and coworking spaces

There is another model for shared workplaces: coworking in student residences. 

The advantage of this model is that it offers students a shared, collaborative workplace right where they live. 

This means there's no need to travel, as your coworkers are all on site and you save on transport costs too. 

There's also a great working atmosphere among other students. You'll get to meet up with peers, work together and help each other out! In short: you'll benefit from each other's experience. 

What's more, students can really make the most of their working time, because whenever they have a minute, they can move into the dedicated space right where they live. 

That's why we highly recommend choosing a student residence with a coworking space!