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Students rights and obligations in a student residence


Nemea provides fully equipped student residences for your studies

Nemea provides fully furnished student accommodation perfect for studying. Secure places, common areas where you can study and exercise, loans of equipment when you need it, free Internet connection and much more. To ensure your stay goes well, take a look at students rights and obligations.

Student tenant rights:

When you choose a Nemea Appart'Etud residence, a free inventory check is carried out when you arrive and leave. When you pay your rent, you also receive a receipt You can end your lease when you want to, as long as you respect the statutory notice period. Nemea is committed to you enjoying living in the residence.

Student tenant rights:

For your part, you commit to making rent and bill payments on time. You should settle any losses or damages that may occur during your rental. If a light bulb is missing or if minor repairs are required you should arrange and pay for them to be fixed with the regular maintenance staff at your residence. If work must be carried out in your flat, you should not prevent the work from being carried out. You must get permission in writing to make any changes to the flat or the equipment in the flat. Every year your flat should be insured for damages.