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Student accommodation, who pays the council tax?


Did you think you were going to live you best student life with no downsides at all? Sadly, once you no longer live with your parents you’ll discover the joy of local taxes. In other words, council tax. But wait, students have to pay taxes too? Nemea Appart'Etud has the answer.


Council tax when you’re a student: who pays?

Were you occupying your student apartment on 1st January? Yes? Well, the bad news is that, apart from a few specific cases, you’re subject to council tax. Of course, because taxes are never simple, there are different scenarios.


Are you attached to your parents’ tax household?

In this case, the tax will be calculated on your parents' tax income and not yours. Normally your parents earn more than you do, so you can apply for tax relief at the tax office. Or you could try and make a deal with your parents by promising to study hard in return for them paying it for you? It's up to you.

However, you will be exempt from paying a TV licence fee if you’re under 25! Good news, right?


Are you living in a student flat?

The tax authorities don't care whether you have 2 flatmates or 12. You’ll receive a single tax bill for the whole flat, in the name of only one of the occupants. You’re then free to agree between yourselves on how to divide the amount due. In proportion to the amount of rent, directly divided by the number of roommates, one pays and the others do all the dishes for the year... It's up to you! Bear in mind, the tax authorities will only accept one single payment.


Can I be exempt from paying council tax as a student?

In some very specific situations, yes! However, be warned exemptions are few and far between. 

  • You live in a CROUS residence
  • You are in a student residence managed by an organisation similar to CROUS
  • You are a lodger in someone’s home

If none of the above apply, then you’ll have to get your wallet out.


How can I avoid paying council tax?

So you may not be a fan of the law, but you might find this interesting! The 2018 Finance Act has allowed for the gradual abolition of council tax from January 1st 2020 (for around 80% of households... chances are you're in that percentage, otherwise it's really bad luck).

Are you on an internship from January? To avoid paying council tax, you could juggle things a bit and move out before 1st January, then only occupy your new home after that date! This could be an opportunity to choose another city for your internship for example! Nemea Appart'Etud allows you to transfer your file super easily from one residence to another. So why not do it?