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Our tips for doing laundry as a student


You're so happy with your new life away from your mum and dad... but there's one thing you miss. Having a washing machine (and your parents to do it all for you to be honest). Now that you're a responsible adult, you'll have to manage your laundry on your own, and that doesn't necessarily come naturally. So, to avoid ending up with a pink t-shirt that used to be white, or just to have clean clothes... follow Nemea Apart’Etud’s tips for washing your clothes!


Organising your laundry as a student

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a washing machine in their home because it takes up space and you need to have the right connections fitted. It’s just not always possible. So, most students have to go to the launderette to do their laundry for the week.

The problem with the laundrette is that it requires a bit of organisation. Especially if it’s not that close to your home (you won’t find one on every corner). It takes up a decent chunk of time, between the journey, your washing programme, drying... free up at least an hour and a half to do your laundry.

But how do you make the experience a bit less dull? Think about it in advance when choosing your accommodation! Check if there’s a launderette nearby, so you don't have to sit moaning on the bus about how far away it is.

Why not ask your cool neighbour or your theatre club buddy to go along with you? At least you’ll be able to talk instead of just watching the drum turn round. You could also opt for a residence with laundry facilities, like Nemea Appart'Etud residences.

All our laundrettes are card operated, just bring your laundry! To avoid taking up too much space in your studio, the single-dose sachets of washing liquid are ideal and easy to use.


How to save time on laundry?

As we said, think about it in advance when choosing your accommodation! If you know you're going home to mum and dad every weekend, you might not need to - taking advantage of the family washing machine and tumble dryer will save you a few quid.

If you live further away or simply want to make the most of student weekends, then the best option is to choose accommodation with a washing machine or a student residence with laundry facilities available to residents.

To save time and avoid overloaded machines (and potentially embarrassing moments), you can use your bathroom or kitchen sink to clean your delicate laundry such as lingerie or underwear.

The Nemea Appart'Etud residences have a laundrette that can only be accessed by residents, so you know your laundry is safe! Super handy for washing your clothes as a student. Lastly, don't forget about the machine and come back 4 hours later, there’s no guarantee your socks will still be there.