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How to decorate your student apartment with a small budget?


Whatever your budget, the important thing is to create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and makes you feel at home. Students often have to work in small spaces on low budgets. However, there are tricks for creating a cosy cocoon that suits your taste and costs very little. 


Cheap decorations and tips for living in a cosy student flat

How do you go about making your student flat feel like home on a budget? Decorating ideas for small student flats, tips and tricks to elevate your living space without breaking the bank:

  • Find bargains at shops like Emmaüs or second-hand shops
  • Use lighting and candles to create a cosy evening atmosphere
  • Enhance your space with easy-to-care-for plants
  • Decorate your walls with wall hangings, frames or large posters - recycling centres are full of cheap finds
  • Hold a house-warming party and write a small wish list or DIY decorating tutorials for your guests.
  • Opt for original storage solutions, such as large wicker baskets or wooden wine boxes, preferably second-hand.
  • Choose beautiful fabrics to cover your sofa and nice tablecloths for your tables, salvaged from sales depots or your grandmother's house.


Optimising space in a student flat

Optimising space in student accommodation is also essential. Students often live in small flats, so maximising space and making it functional is key. To achieve this, choose practical furniture, such as folding tables and chairs and storage units on castors that can be slipped under the bed. 

Don't forget to make the most of the wall space with as many wall-mounted shelves as possible. Opting for feng shui or even minimalist decor and installing mirrors here and there will help create the impression of a larger space. Avoid excess and clutter by taking the time to sort your belongings regularly. And of course, tidying your home regularly and generally being efficient and organised are also good daily habits!