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Eating well when you are a student: our advice


Sometimes, when you're a student, eating well can be a challenge. Lack of time, money or even utensils or small kitchen appliances can make it difficult to prepare healthy, balanced meals. So, here are a few simple and practical tips for eating well as student. 


Student dishes, planning and preparation

To make savings, you first need to be organised. Start by planning your meals to anticipate your needs. This is the best way of ensuring that you only spend on what you need. 

Next, avoid buying ready-made meals and opt for meals you cook yourself. This helps you to spend less and also to watch what you eat. 

Finally, try to pick recipes that are both hearty and balanced ! 


Tips and tricks for eating healthily on a student budget without breaking the bank

Beyond basic organisation, here are a few tips that will help you form good habits so you eat a healthy diet on a student budget :

  • Always have the basic ingredients in your cupboards and fridge, so you can prepare a meal quickly without having to go out shopping. This also helps to avoid last-minute temptation
  • Prepare your meals in advance. Batch cook on a Sunday and enjoy your meals as the week progresses!
  • Take a packed lunch with you when you're out and about
  • Set yourself an average budget per meal and try to stick to it, while allowing yourself a couple of restaurant meals a month if possible so you don't get fed up
  • Shop on anti-waste apps to get your groceries for less
  • Find local shops that sell off unsold stock
  • Make group purchases and have them delivered
  • Avoid unnecessary foods such as soft drinks, biscuits and snacks. It's good for your wallet, but also for your health
  • Make regular use of the university canteen, it has prices to suit student budgets !