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Do I have to pay council tax as a student ?


Every tenant must pay council tax on 1st January every year whether they are employees, students or job seekers. Are you a student? Certain conditions may allow you to benefit from a reduction or exemption from student council tax. Nemea has the lowdown.


Council tax, students and tax returns

 If you’ve filed your own tax return, the tax authorities may be able to give you tax relief according to your financial situation.

If you’re attached to your parents' tax household, you can apply for a tax reduction by contacting the tax office.


Who has to pay the council tax if you share a house?

Council tax is set-up in the name of a single occupant for the entire dwelling. Flatmates are therefore free to divide the sum according to the number of tenants in the accommodation.


Council tax exemptions: three exceptions

If you rent or sublet a room or part of a house, you will not pay council tax. The council tax is acyually allocated to the person listed on the lease of the entire dwelling.

In addition, some student accommodation allows you to pay no council tax. This is the case for university rooms managed by the CROUS (Centres régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires).

The same applies to student residences, which operate under the same financial conditions as the CROUS.

A student who has a flat they are renting on the first of January must therefore pay council tax unless otherwise stated. Looking for accommodation? Discover Nemea Appart'Etud student residences located throughout France.